Vertical Blinds

For practical and stylish window treatments for your home, look no further than our wide range of custom made vertical blinds in Perth from Sun Block Blinds. With the ability to control levels of light and privacy, vertical blinds make for a great addition to any home.

vertical blinds perth

Stylish, Modern & Affordable Blinds

Australia is home to some of the harshest weather conditions across the globe. When it comes to protecting yourself against harmful UV rays, you may want to consider vertical blinds. If you’re looking for a blind that’s extremely easy to clean and generally requires very little maintenance, our range of vertical blinds are a great choice.

Design & Features

Our vertical blinds in Perth are also commonly seen in rental or investment properties as well as in offices and other commercial contexts as they are fade resistant and generally maintain a clean look and feel. We can also create custom designs specifically to allow privacy to internal rooms such as board and conference rooms. Manufactured using our easy glide low profile Sun Block V40 track system, our vertical blinds can be conveniently controlled using a safety wand mechanism.

Specialists in Blinds

Sometimes one small change is all it takes to give an interior space a fresh, new look. Vertical blinds are an elegant and effective way to control sunlight, add privacy and make an appropriate design statement. For more information, enquire with us today by simply sending us your design plans and your desired blind choice.


  • Slats available in 89mm or 127mm widths.
  • Large range of co-ordinating track colours.
  • Bottom weights with or without chains.

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